Mister Malick

Monsieur Malick (Mister Malick) is a short comics and a portrait of Malick Sidibé, the internationally acclaimed malian photographer, famous for his studio photo portraits.
This 8-pages comics has been written and drawn between May 27 and June 03 2010, in the double frame of the Lyon BD Festival Off and of the Passages : Afriques et Créations event organized by the Musée des Confluences.
Narration is based upon a preliminary interview of Malick Sidibé, and on the studio shootings that took place on May 31 and June 02 2010 in Lyon, at the Fnac Bellecour Forum.
These pages were shown as an exhibition at the Fnac Lyon Bellecour from June 03 to June 30 2010.

(Texts are in french)

(The first panel of the story, as well as the 4th panel of page 2 are based upon photographies by Yann-Son Nguyen-The).