Episode #2, let’s party !

Episode is the new web magazine of Arte Creative, dedicated to TV series. Each week, Episode will deal with a specific theme through the shows. For the second edition of the magazine, that was online the week of October 26th, I made some illustrations on the “party” theme.

First, a break down of the “little kicks” dance of the Elaine character in Seinfeld :

Episode – Seinfeld – Elaine’s dance

And then two illustrations, including a large one for the cover of the magazine, that relate to the mega-party given by Jesse Pinkman in the season 4 of the Breaking Bad show (see this paper from Bruno Masi) :

Episode – Breaking Bad – Jesse’s party
Episode – Breaking Bad – Post-party

See you for the next weeks of Episode !

Les 3 Barbus, Cuvée 2014

Last December, I realized a label for the Cuvée 2014 of the “Les 3 Barbus” wine (“The 3 bearded men”). This wine is a special blend, made by the three winemakers Matthieu Barret (Domaine du Coulet), David Reynaud (Domaine les Bruyères) and Stanislas Wallut (Domaine de Villeneuve). The wines of the three domains are grown with biodynamic methods.

I had some sort of “carte blanche” for drawing the label, and after a few thoughts I decided to start from the idea of the coat of arms that sometimes adorns the bottles. Who says coat of arms, says medieval images, says knighthood, and here goes my idea for the label : to draw the three friends as some vine knights. Shiny armors and wine-growing tools !

My first proposition was then the following, in colors :

Label for Les 3 Barbus (2014) - Color version
Label for Les 3 Barbus (2014) – Color version

The image was ok for the sponsoring winemakers, the only upset being the color. Indeed they thought that the label would probably be more elegant on the bottle, if in black and white. I followed their lead and reworked a bit the image for it to be better adapted as a black and white rendering (in particular, contrasts). And then, here is the final version :

Label for Les 3 Barbus (2014) - Black & white version
Label for Les 3 Barbus (2014) – Black & white version

At last, after printing and cutout, here is the label on the Cuvée bottle :

Etiquette Les 3 Barbus (2014) (photo M. Ponson)
Les 3 Barbus (2014) (photo M. Ponson)

The Cuvée is sold only as a magnum…

Under the flag of the Revolution

Voeux 2016
Voeux 2016

Greetings for this new year !

From a calendar to the other

voeux 2014 - gif anime

Happy new year to all !